Evolutionary Computation Technical Committee

Task Force on Artificial Immune Systems


Target and Motivation

The biological immune system is a powerful defense system that protects an organism itself from diseases and danger. The biological immune system is a kind of complex, adaptive, dynamic and distributive systems with abilities of learning, memory, self-organization, feature extraction and pattern recognition.

The Artificial Immune System, also known as Immune Computation, is a relatively new branch in the computational intelligence community, which is inspired by the structure, functions, models and information processing mechanism of biological immune system. The Artificial Immune System is a fast developing research area. Nowadays, the scope of this research area ranges from modeling to simulation of the biological immune system, to the development of novel engineering solutions to complex problems.

The main mission of this Task Force is to promote the research and development in the field of the Artificial Immune Systems.



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Last modified: August 3, 2021